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Proyectos, productos, servicios

iConverse is a virtual assistant which enables human-machine written and spoken transactional interaction in natural language, aiming at improving customer service and cutting down operating costs. The main advantages of iConverse are the following: Firstly it cuts down customer service costs; i.e., it optimizes the support costs and offers customers a more agile mechanism to have, for instance, their questions answered, modify their service conditions, or purchase new products. Secondly it grants inside business support; i.e., it offers your staff the means to perform queries using natural language over unstructured content and it overcomes the limitation of traditional keyword-based search engines. Thirdly, it brings your frequently asked questions to live; i.e., it spares your customers the time and effort to read through lengthy FAQs. It puts in place an intelligent chat through which clients can obtain accurate answers, formulating or expressing their questions in their own language. And fourthly it provides with transactional support; i.e. through its natural language processing abilities iConverse eases and performs customers’ business transactions such as carrying out a bank transfer, requesting for support, paying a bill, purchasing a product, contracting a service, etc.
iSearch exploits the meaning of information to understand users’ queries, to relate contents, to expand searches –serendipity, and to recover the corresponding documents more efficiently and precisely. The main advantages of iSearch are the following: Firstly, it gives better and more precise search results; i.e., iSearch recovers just the knowledge you are searching for, thus avoiding any waste of time, efficiency, and productivity. Secondly, it grants access to structured and unstructured content; i.e., it doesn’t matter if we are talking about emails, posts, information in databases, .docs, .xls or .pdfs, iSearch solution can dive into any kind of data t retrieve the information requested Thirdly, by nature, it is a robust homogeneous search mechanism; i.e., iSearch can dive into any repository, social network, or cloud infrastructure to find the audio, image, text, or video files a customer may need. And fourthly it provides with an advanced user interface; i.e., not only you can browse through the displayed results, you can also navigate and filter the retrieved information using our powerful visual interface: relationship viewer, faceted search, tag cloud contextual search, etc.
iMatch applies advanced semantic and natural language processing algorithms to understand the content of job offers and resumés. Thus, the best candidates for a particular position according to their skills are filtered and chosen, regardless of the language, format or information structure of the document submitted, freeing up HR resources. The main advantages of iMatch are the following: Firstly, it can structure information from heterogeneous sources; i.e., iMatch structures information on the one hand identifying job titles, roles, areas, degrees or educational institutions amongst others, and the other hand grouping candidates according to the relevant functional parameters, to improve market understanding and job matching precision. Secondly, it provides much more agility in the matching process; i.e., iMatch help firms become more agile and swifter in linking the right job hunters with the open job positions. Thirdly, it betters the HR department efficiency; i.e., a great deal of HR department efforts are focused on selecting and filtering the enormous number of résumés submitted in response to job offers. iMatch automates the first typically clerical stages of the filtering process. And fourthly it enjoys top-notch tagging skills; i.e., iMatch can disambiguate, detect, and couple properly synonyms, acronyms, commercial and business names… Through its cutting-edge processing skills, it can automatically tag millions of résumés.
iLearn provides a top-notch education platform, offering a wide range of functionalities such as social media integration, blogs, mobile device support, multimedia content, web resources integration, development of customized lessons, and networked contents. The main advantages of iLearn are the following: Firstly, it offers structured educational contents; i.e., iLearn provides organized educational contents available to professors, teachers, and students. Secondly, it boosts serendipitous learning; i.e., through network content organization and browsing through the several knowledge areas Thirdly, it allows customized lessons; i.e., including resources with different formats and origins –internal, web, etc. And fourthly it lets teachers reuse educational material.


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Taiger is a provider of state-of-the-art virtual assistants and information retrieval systems. Our computational semantics and natural language processing (NLP) middleware enables us to build ontology-enabled applications, that exploit the meaning of information to understand and serve better users’ needs. Our mission is to help firms add value by delivering smart software solutions and our vision is to transform mere information into knowledge.

Contacto: Carlos Ruiz
Calle Apolonio Morales, 13 - local H
Madrid - 28036 Madrid - España
Tel: +34914497284
Correo electrónico: carlos.ruiz@taiger.com